Sharing an experiment from past (Guitar recording)

Sharing an experiment from past (Guitar recording)

Abhijeet Deshmukh (@_abhijeet_d) and I are more than friends, we’re family. We’ve grown up together – shared our success, fears, crushes, tears, lunch boxes and stayed up late night studying together.

We were each other’s worst enemies on field – for cricket and table tennis – and we’re the best of friends when we team up against others. He has been the brighter one for most of the things, except when I beat him in cricket. Round the legs – one of the 5 victims of 6 balls (pitches) in an over. (Yes, you read that right). 

Music was another thing that brought us together. So, when he joined the guitar class, he talked me into joining it too (Till date I still feel I want to learn drums). Here’s something I found recently on one of my old cassettes. 

Memories should be cherished forever – and this one for me is a precious one. So, I used “Audacity” to convert the track into digital format. Enjoy :)!  


This recording is done via a simple microphone and recorded using a very old tape recorder/cassette recorder we had in our home (or was that the music system?). Mic is placed on a wooden stool/table between Abhijeet and me. Abhijeet is playing the lead, I am on rhythm. 

Note: It’s not a very clear recording and sounds distorted. That’s the way I could revive it. 

Special thanks to: @jitterted (Ted Young) for suggesting SoundCloud option.

I hope it works! 🙂